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Danish Holsteins

Much more than a Holstein!

Among the top of global Holsteins!

​Danish Holsteins known to be healthy cows with good fertility and functional conformation.

Unrivalled hoof health.

​World ́s best on health traits – proved by INTERBULL figures.

Calving ease traits on high level.

European highest standard on production level.

Standard Production – Statistics 2019 (12 Month average)

Number of Cows​ 361,488
Milk, Kg​ 11,082
Fat, kg 450
Fat, % 4.06
Protein, kg​ 386
Protein, % 3.48
Fat + protein, kg 836
Energy corrected milk (ECM) 11,224

Selection by your choice

by your choice!​

High health standards

High health

Fast delivery service

Fast delivery

Export breeding cattle

Export breeding

Who we are

Owned by Danish Holstein
Association Representing
Danish Cattle Breeders

​Founded in 1981 by Danish Farmers Union

​Exporter to more than 50 countries​


Contact us

Drejervej 7
DK-6600 Vejen
CVR: 66770613​

Phone +45 75 50 41 11
Mobile +45 60 20 09 09
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