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About us

Our qualifications

  • ​Experience for more than 25 years
  • We work globally
  • High standards on animal welfare
  • Good planning and short delivery time
  • Always focusing on our customers

​Buying from us - makes a profitable choice for your cattle industry

​Our clients tells us:

“Danish cows are such good cows to work with"

Danish Cattle are unique in many ways

  • ​All cows registered in Herd Book
  • Complete data reporting
  • High reliabilities on breeding values - NTM
  • Health traits on top
  • Unrivalled hoof health
  • High lifetime production

​Breeding for increased profit – NTM is a powerful tool

All financial traits included in NTM

  • ​Production (Milk - Fat - Protein)  
  • Fertility  and  Calving ease
  • Youngstock survival
  • Udder health, Hoof health and General health
  • Longevity
  • Conformation (Frame - Feet & Legs - Udder)
  • Milkability and Temperament

Data Registration –Unique cow Database

​​Reliable values!​

Calving illustration

Calving illustration 2

High health standards

Denmark is free of IBR/IPV, BVD, TB, Brucellosis, Leucosis and Bluetongue

Danish Veterinarian Health Standards are highly positioned – it makes your imports comfortable and safe. Certification in accordance with the regulations of the importing country.

Certification followed eventually by test - carried out by authorized Veterinarians. Border control carried out by the official Veterinary Inspector.

Selection - by your choice

Prepared to fulfill your request for almost any number of cattle.

Selection at farm level individually – done by you personally / -or by own experts on behalf of customer.

​Fast delivery

Booking transports taking account of animal welfare and best value.

Shipment in a week after final selection to EU countries and countries without requested quarantine.

Delivery of each animal with its Official Certification, issued by Danish Agricultural & Food Council.

Selection by your choice

by your choice!​

High health standards

High health

Fast delivery service

Fast delivery

Export breeding cattle

Export breeding

Who we are

Owned by Danish Holstein
Association Representing
Danish Cattle Breeders

​Founded in 1981 by Danish Farmers Union

​Exporter to more than 50 countries​


Contact us

Drejervej 7
DK-6600 Vejen
CVR: 66770613​

Phone +45 75 50 41 11
Mobile +45 60 20 09 09
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